Julie Ecrement



Professional/Personal Information:

The happiest people in the world are the ones who love where they live. This is certainly true for Julie Ecrement who is heartily content with her home in Williamson County. Born and raised in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, Julie became a Southern transplant who enjoys the variety that a profession in real estate affords and eagerly dives into learning new skills, whether it be technology or anything else that helps her serve her clients. Previous to her career as a REALTOR®, Julie worked in the music publishing industry for over a decade.

Being in a competitive industry, her position demanded the skills of tenacity, perseverance and negotiation strategies. Today as a REALTOR® Julie is able to parlay those same skills into finding homes and buyers for her clients with highly satisfactory results.

Favorite Restaurant in Franklin: “The Caesar Salad with salmon and grilled artichokes at J. Alexanders is the best!”

Most Unusual Home Request: “One family asked me to find them a house where no cat had ever lived. So, I turned their attention to new construction.”

Most Important Traits for a Realtor®: “Be Honest, have a positive attitude, and work hard.”