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Whether your needs are buying or selling your home in Franklin or Brentwood, McArthur Appraisal Co., Inc. specializes in the valuation of real property (home, residential and land) in Franklin, Brentwood and Nashville, TN. For each appraisal, our licensed, experienced appraisers prepare a written description of the property and provide a fair market estimate of its value. Our standardized checklists allow them to thoroughly and efficiently take into account the critical features of the property and the neighborhood in which it is situated. Our strength is being local – Williamson County, TN.

McArthur Appraisal Co., Inc. appraisers obtain land values from official government sources and also take into consideration recent sales information about neighboring properties. They also verify legal descriptions of property through official government records, as well as measure the property to compare the measurements with the legal descriptions. For damaged properties, our appraisers will estimate building replacement costs by using building valuation manuals and professional cost estimators.

Each of our professional appraisals includes land diagrams that note the conditions and any special features of buildings on the property to be appraised. Our appraisers then carefully analyze and evaluate the data and prepare a written report that explains the methods they have used to obtain a fair-market value when buying or selling your home in Franklin or Brentwood TN.

When you need a fair and accurate appraisal for a home, commercial or land property, you can count on McArthur Appraisal Co., Inc. professionals to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Commitment for 35+ Years

We are committed to providing our clients with quality service and a high degree of professionalism while keeping abreast of current standards and techniques within the appraisal industry to maintain current information in the Williamson County market.

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