Are you relocating to Nashville, Franklin or Brentwood, TN?

McArthur Sanders Real Estate provides life long experience in relocation with our professional team of REALTORS® and specialists. Lead broker, Brent Sanders, managed relocation departments prior to and continuing with the forming of McArthur Sanders Real Estate works alongside teams of agents that have been trained and received the CRS (Certified Relocation Specialist) accreditation.

McArthur Sanders Real Estate has served many clients with relocation assistance, from large corporate moves, small businesses, and individuals. Some of our corporate clients we have served include: Georgia Boot Company, HCA, Bridgestone, Saturn, General Motors, Northern Telecom, Prudential, Kroger, Centex Rodgers, just to name a few.


Knowledge, why knowledge is important?

For families relocating to or out of the Franklin, Brentwood, Middle Tennessee area, having access to local expertise and on the ground knowledge is a key factor in providing the best service to them and their employers. Building a team of professionals that have been long time or life-long residents of Middle Tennessee communities is the reason for our success in helping our clients with all of their real estate needs.

Home Finding Assistance – Services for Buyers

We will provide the following services:

How important is customer service?

McArthur Sanders Real Estate places each client’s needs at the top of their list of priorities. With a customized service plan, McArthur Sanders’ relocation specialists will work with your family and company throughout the home-finding process to take care of all the details – even the little ones.

Buying a home is an emotional experience. Owning the right house – one that fits the wants, needs and personal taste of each family – is part of the American dream. The investment aspect of real estate has made home ownership very attractive to the family, and their home’s equity has frequently become their greatest asset.

With this in mind, we will provide the following services:

★ Pre-arrival needs assessment
★ Comprehensive area information packet
★ Temporary housing information
★ Spouse/Partner employment assistance information
★ Elder care and senior living information
★ Child care information
★ Special interest and lifestyle information(examples – schools, sports, entertainment etc.)
★ Matching transferees with a carefully selected real estate professional who will best serve your wants and needs
★ No obligation area orientation tour
★ Cost of Living Comparisons
★ Following up throughout the entire process and closing
Orienting transferees to minimize home-finding time and reduce the number of home finding trips is our mission in serving our clients.

Home Marketing Assistance – Services for Sellers


Looking for the smoothest transition for you or your employees?

McArthur Sanders Real Estate has the experience and knowledge of the market and area to provide you with the service needed in marketing, positioning, and selling of homes.

Advantages and services of McArthur Sanders Real Estate include:

★ Providing our clients with the most appropriate sales associate for their area
★ Providing market analysis to assist in accurately positioning their home
★ Designing and implementing an aggressive, personalized marketing plan
★ Provide corporate reporting and work closely with relocation coordinator for assistance in coordinating benefits package
★ Provide the necessary services for inventoried properties of the company
★ Following up with you and your relocation coordinator until closing and providing regular updates on home sale status
★ Moving transferees quickly to their new location


How does McArthur Sanders Real Estate assess customer satisfaction?

Satisfaction is the most important indicator of a successful move. McArthur Sanders Real Estate determines satisfaction by the relationships formed with our clients. Clients must be satisfied with services. More importantly, clients and agents have formed a relationship.

Relocating is a very emotional experience whether is it across the country or across town. Knowledge and expertise are very important in assisting the processes, but what McArthur Sanders Real Estate finds to be most important is truly caring about each family and helping them with their needs during this exciting and sometimes difficult time.

McArthur Sanders Real Estate measures their success by their long time relationships with our clients, families, and communities, and by the fact that they are chosen by their clients to help on more than one occasion to assist them.

Serving generations of clients, continued relationships beyond property transactions, and word-of-mouth commendations are our greatest mark of satisfaction and accomplishment.